Guardian: Intelligent Chromebook monitoring for schools.

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Dynamic Console.


Determine usage patterns for Chromebooks in your organization.

Top Sites

See which sites and applications are getting the most use across your entire userbase.
*Unlike network level monitoring, this actually reflects how long users spend on sites and applications.

Convenience of the cloud with
the power of a program.

By operating on a device level, rather than on a network level, Guardian can provide an unprecedented level of control and analytics on every Chromebook. Network level systems simply cannot provide the same level of granular control.

Educators Love Us

This product is pretty slick. I think it will give our
administrators and parents a peace of mind. -Andy E.

This is such a great resource for us and we have
found it immensely helpful. Well done! -Kathy

Hi, loving your product! We are from the UK's first
1:1 deployment of Chromebooks. -Gary S.

This product is amazing. I'm impressed by
how rapidly it's improving. -Andy E.

Easy, seamless, and behind-the-scenes
monitoring. This is the total package,
now we actually know what's going on! -Todd H.

Comprehensive History.

Teachers and administrators often need to know what a student was doing online for a specific period of time. Guardian's intuitive reporting console displays every page visited in chronological order, for every user.

activity flagging and monitoring for Chromebooks

Suspicious Activity Flags


Unlike other management tools, Guardian runs every aspect of a tracked webpage -- the content, as well as the metadata -- through our powerful and evolving database of flagged terms.


Set your own email or SMS notifications for inappropriate browsing behavior.

chromebook video logging

Video Logging.

Online videos have become a powerful, time-consuming medium, and can be difficult to manage without an effective analytics tool. Guardian keeps track of what users are watching, with comprehensive video logs in your reporting console.

Easy Blacklisting.

Take action on flagged activity by blacklisting inappropriate domains using Guardian's simple web interface. Blacklisting will prevent all incoming and outgoing connections to a website.

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chromebook website blacklists and whitelists

*This software was not created by Google.