Know Your Chromebooks

GoGuardian provides Chromebook monitoring, filtering, and anti-theft for schools.

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Monitor and Guide Student Behavior

GoGuardian allows you to understand how your Chromebooks are being used on all levels including broad usage trends, unique organizational units, and granular per-student browsing behavior.

Recover Stolen Chromebooks

Track and recover individual stolen Chromebooks with a powerful feature set:

  • Keylog data
  • Webcam pictures
  • Geolocation
  • Screenshots

Use logins, passwords, and everything else typed on a stolen device to identify the criminal and aid your recovery.

Hundreds of Happy Districts

Andy Emerine

Hardin Northern (200 Chromebooks)

"This product is pretty slick. I think it will give our administrators and parents a peace of mind."

Todd Hayes

North Fond du Lac SD (700 Chromebooks)

"Easy, seamless, and behind-the-scenes monitoring, the total package. We are really impressed with how easy it is to use -- now we actually know what's going on!"

Rodney Griffin

Neosho R5 (2800 Chromebooks)

"I've never seen a product like it: easy to use and full of features! I can't imagine deploying hundreds of Chromebooks to students without GoGuardian!"

Cindy Thornton

Superior Public Schools

"We used GoGuardian to retrieve a stolen Chromebook. Once we installed GoGuardian, and it did its magic, we were able to see who had it: the device’s IP, location, and user identity. The police recovered the device, and it was back at school within the week."

Tim White

Webb City Schools (1500 Chromebooks)

"Within 3 weeks of installing GoGuardian we have seen inappropriate behavior on Chromebooks drop by 70% if not more. If kids know that somebody’s watching them, they are much less likely to look for inappropriate content."

Kelly Hanna

Goldey ISD (1000 Chromebooks)

"If you use Chromebooks in your district you MUST take a look at this. GoGuardian Dashboard does what I have seen no one else be able to do as far as tracking sites visited, videos watched, Chromebook location and much more."


Custom Domain

Page Contents

Content Verified

A Better Blacklist

Use BlackCat: GoGuardian's CIPA-compliant category-based blacklist or customize it with your own domains. Combined with flagged activity tracking, BlackCat grows and improves in ways traditional proxies and content filters cannot.

Dynamic Activity Flagging

The Flagged Activity Engine intelligently analyzes the contents of pages as they load, combining an unparalleled level of insight and control with real-time alerts to let you know when inappropriate content is accessed by students.

GoGuardian Explainer Video

Custom Website Blacklist
CIPA-Compliant Categories
Page Content Based Filtering
Real-Time Trending Content
At Home Filtering
Google OU Integration
User Geolocation
Per User Browsing History
App / Extension Monitoring
Video, Doc & Search Log
Advanced YouTube Filtering
Screen Sharing

(*not a competitor)

*The Google Management Console is not a competitive product. GoGuardian relies on Google's Console to be deployed and updated.

So Much More Than Filtering

Searches, Videos and Docs

Every search performed, video watched and document edited is available on the GoGuardian Dashboard.

Apps and Extensions

Get analytics about user behavior on all apps and extensions, and the ability to uninstall apps deemed inappropriate.

OU Compatible

Import your Google OU structure to create distinct monitoring settings on a per OU basis.

Trending Now

Stay in the know with real-time trends in your students’ browsing behavior.

User Locations

See your Chromebook users on a map using accurate HTML5 geolocation.

5 minute install

Push GoGuardian out to your devices directly from the Google Apps Admin Console. Automatic, hassle-free updates.